December 2008

One of the sweetest things of 2008. Roberta adopted us!

My mom (rear left) and her siblings have long hosted holiday gatherings since most of my generation lives in teeny condos and apartments. This year, Mara and Zach (foreground and photographer) said “size be damned” and hosted it anyway, a first for our generation.? We popped a few canopies up and set a large long table up on their deck.? I borrowed chairs, silver, napkins and a coffee urn from our work sustainable catering kit.? We covered the tables with all color table cloths, napkins, candles and gourds.? We both squished family in all available guest sleeping quarters for the weekend too.? As those who live in Santa Cruz know, Thanksgiving was a blessing of sun and bright blues skies over the sea miraculously birthed between a rainy Wednesday and a fogged in chilly Friday, so the en plien aire approach all worked out.? I walked into the kitchen just before dinner was announced to see my aunt Pat, our resident turkey expert, handing Zach the electric knife and a bit of guidance on reducing the large bird into beautifully servable slices.? It came out perfect.