February 2009

Science is back. Hope is back.? Perhaps, even, America is back and we are here to move it forward.? Senator Elliston told us “there are no allies, cuz we are all IN this movement.” Van Jones told us to be brave and really make this live when we go back home. Akim Steiner told us” today there are more jobs in renewable energy than in the oil and gas industries.”? He also told us that in 20 to 30 years there will be no more viable commercial fisheries at the rate we are going.? Leo Gerard told us that 58% of the goods we buy from China today come from American companies that moved there in the last decade.? Here in D.C., just weeks after Barak’s inaguration, I rubbed shoulders with Jim Hoffa, with Phil Angeledes, with Jared Bernstein, with hip hoppers, Sierra Clubbers and steel workers all here to move America forward together.? Good Jobs can be Green Jobs.? Check it out at the Blue Green Alliance website. (Bout time I wrote something that connects with my site’s monikker, eh?)

Got the holiday decorations down before February.? We had left them up for cheer at our January Poetry Party. Poets got a little rowdy on our knock off of 515‘s Bo Diddley, an old fashioned whiskey sour with egg white whipped up by Pam.? I am beginning to feel like a character on Cheers, or at least that I should take out some stock in 515.? We have spent a lot of time there lately, including one evening where we girls bogarted the Miles Davis room and wrote and shared our words about our word for the year.? (More on that later).? I am excited for 2009 – I turn 40, have many travel plans, feel so happily abundant in friends, am discovering a delicious growing softness within myself about myself, and am uncovering wellsprings of energy for work and creativity. Its been a sweet time where an easy happiness is just there, and most of the time too.? As I said to a friend this week? – “keep it coming!”