This is not a self portrait but it could be.? So much summer loveliness and fun already this year!? Non-linear yin time floating in lakes and between conversation, stillness and music. Watching humpbacks breach, flipper wave and slap just off our anchorage in Pelican Bay on Santa Cruz Island for almost an hour, then hearing the birches chatter their happiness at the sun and blue sky days in the high Sierra. It truly was the best Strawberry Music Fest yet, I felt so free and comfortable in my own skin and truly part of a tribe of beautiful people. There was just enough cutting loose tequilla drinking and laughter, great jams and warm afternoon forest hammock time to create a perfect experience.? I enjoyed introducing Dona to the festival, sharing an adventure to Channel Islands before hand, and the road trip together between all the fun fueled by McConnells famous ice cream in Santa Barbara and the purple paint splashed sight of lupin in the meadows – snowy dogwood brightening the shadows under the pines.? All this, and only May – what a summer to come here in my 40th year!