Today I am almost 4 weeks into 3 months off work.

While it has been filled and sometimes feeling a bit too busy with all the goodness and experience, I yet can feel myself slowing down.? My mantra for this time is to Move only When Ready: when the energy is right, when my heart tells me too, only then say yes, make a plan, do the? next thing. Meanwhile, nap when needed, read a lot, go easy on the chores, dunk naked into fresh water whenever possible.

So many sweet experiences so far:? Great eats and girl time in Sonoma County with Lise and Lesli; Kitchen talks and fun everyday time with three great boy-filled families – hikes, building things, spaceships and dinosaurs, rope swings, football practices and frostys (hugs to Parrotts, Lows, Liskes); A successful and exuberating five day solo trip into Caribou Lakes Basin in the Trinities;? A new affair with Kosk Creek and Big Bend Hot Springs (where my toes can be seen poking up in the photo, past which is our secluded creekside camp in the trees (big heart gratitude to Robby, Osita and Sneaky).

This weekend – Strawberry Fall Music Fest, never been – aiming for fun.? After that, more backcountry time I think – we’ll see where to move next when I get to next week.