There’s nothing on the website about it, but when you come to Strawberry Music Festival, you are welcomed into the Strawberry family and begin to learn the Strawberry Way.? Absent a master list, I can tell you it includes things like:

* Kids have as much free fun as possible, including you grownup kids
* Be kind, polite and considerate to each other
* Share, help, pitch in
* Smile at your neighbors (even if they were up playing late next to your tent)
* Conserve water, don’t litter, recycle
* Pick and sing until you can’t any more

You come home feeling like a peaceful co-existence is possible and are reminded to live the Strawberry Way every day.

This was my first Fall Strawberry and we Tequila Mockingbirds were less than a dirty dozen this year, but we took to the event like a drunkard to rum sitting in with Camp Hold On, Camp Let Go for the jams and sneaking kitchen access wherever we could find it.? It was warmer, dustier than spring, with higher attendance even without a sell out crowd.? I enjoyed my first real jamming time, made some really sweet and unexpected connections with folks in and out of camp and still soaked in all the usual naps in hammocks, Birch Lake swims and rambles into neighboring camps to lend an ear and a voice.? Photos and more stories are here and replaying in my happy mind.

Two stories stand out for the Festival.

One: Luka (from Camp Let Go, Camp Hold On) tugged at his mom’s shirt in the middle of the Sunday Happy Hour Jam and asked ” Hey, are those the ‘I Got It At The Mall’ people? ”? We Mockingbirds now have a reputation.

The second is simply the advice “don’t over underestimate” – originally applied to the imbibement of the corn likker Mahlon brought in from the midwest and then liberally applied to other situations with great gusto and fun.

Come with us sometime to the high wood.? We’d love to shower you in fast pickin’, slow jams, good liquor, and a heartful of the Strawberry Way.