January 2010

Rain – Near

Just got back from my for-sure-I-make-at-least-this-class-weekly yoga followed by a quick run to my neighborhood Live Oak Farmer’s Market to spend what cash I had in my wallet.? They are attempting for the first time to go year round, so especially when the weather is bad I try to go by? and pick up some baked goods, breakfast, and whatnot.? (A tip for you locals – you can get great deals on days like this as the vendors are concurrently freezing, long on inventory, and short on customers? thus willing to bargain).

There are two vendors that do not have store fronts in town so I follow them around the market circuit on weekends religiously to indulge in their wonderfuness – one is Companion Bakery (they hooked me initially in July with their chocolate cherry scones and while the fruit changes seasonally the generous chocolate part does not)? and one a lovely family that makes the most amazing gorditas [fresh masa patted out thick, deep fried, then stuffed with spicy chicken, cooked organic root veggies, lettuce, queso fresco, crema, salsa verde y rojo – mmm!].? En route there I enjoyed meandering along the oceanside streets to look out and feel like we are on the edge of the known world with the wild grey sea stretched out whitecapping into cloud horizons.

Natascha and I hosted a lovely potluck last night of over a dozen cool ladies cozied up in my modest living room with a fire going and about a million candles flickering – some guitar playing and all night chatting warmed the house up. Today I am enjoying the quiet and this morning happily left my bed unmade in anticipation of a cozy rainy afternoon nap.

Rain – Afar

(Gold Bluff Beach – Leisyka and Izzak in his dino raincoat)

I rushed and relaxed both through a car-train-bus trip up the coast on a combined trip to visit Robby, Sneaky and her 6 three day old pups, and to help Leisyka, Blair, and Izaak settle in after their big move from Surprise Valley in Modoc County to Arcata (Izaak:? “this is HUMBOLT momma?” Leisyka: (with big smile) “Yes Izzak!? This is HUMBOLT”).? Thankfully on the latter, where I had pictured shelf papering, unpacking boxes and snarfing pizza dinners, they were really almost all moved in thanks to Blair’s efficient moving process and only requested my help with interior decorating and cooking up great meals – what fun!?? We also hiked amongst old groves and played in the sand under beautiful bluffs.

(love the outfit!)

The train/bus rides were all day adventures -? got pole position seats both trips and the huge bus windows were like experiencing an iMax theatre screen of tall tall trees and forested ridges marching off into the distance.? Josy was a new driver and was fun, sweet and a perfect chauffeur for us.? I finished two knitting projects and met neat folks including a handsome? 22 year old football scholarship student headed into his last months at Humbolt State and had quite the nice conversation on the bus.? He still looked clean cut and SoCal but was considering staying up in the laid back foggy north.? He kept pointing things out like where someone had written in the dirt on the back of a van (peace symbol) + (heart) = (smiley face) and saying “you wouldn’t see THAT in San Diego”.

After the year turns I hike to the mountaintop and find Joy there.? She does not fly off, fearless as she is, when I approach but stays perched in her treetop squeaking out her happy call.? Its nothin but sky up here, clouds brushed out horizon to horizon.? The only sound’s the winter surf far below and the wind in your ears and the pines.? A few weeks into winter and its oddly balmy even up here today.? Manzanita are already tossing out their pearly bell flowers and there’s a spring green in things even under the thin hazy winter sky. Like, you know, how sometimes in life a thing you really need comes at a time when everything else is sorta dead, or sleeping?? Like a love arriving late in life, or when you receive a sweet kind act and really let it land in the midst of depression?? Water is like that here in our Western winters – the air so thin, the sunlight so stingy, the plants all sleeping – it is only then the sky is so generous with rain that life springs up out of everything anyway. Fields of mustard celebrate, shout out golden blooms.? Everything else glowing green underneath.? I pause in my journaling, what else did I want to say?? Only this: shhhh. Look up. The sun sets right now.