March 2010

Lately I cannot imagine a better way to spend a

whole ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? entire ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? day

than walking through the wilds, letting my mind unwind, spin

itself to still, legs still moving, heart pulling uphill,

experiencing the day become itself through the forest, fern

on the dance floor, feeling the sun summer itself

along the bottom of the creek bed, then unfold back

down into sunset, then into night, leaving

me, legs still walking, with the trees and the

darkening trail, stars, frogsong.

I can’t wait for summer backpacking season!

Still recovering from last weekend where a bunch of us gals piled into a car and headed north to help Lise host a Metal Tiger Chinese Spring Festival (new years) party up in Dry Creek Valley. She house sits this mansion with its own vineyard and kitchen garden overlooking a rushing creek and Dry Creek Valley. Of course Healdsburg is also such a food mecca (fried goat cheese turnovers with passionfruit honey for breakfast BOTH DAYS we were there, paired with an affogado [espresso over a bourbon gelato float] – too decadent for words) that we enjoyed much in-town as well. They have the best cheese shop I’ve ever been in and I purchased a flight of aged goudas to taste back at home.? Driving through the lovely springtime in SoCo, with greening landscape rolling out under everything, and fields of sunshiney mustard, we aproached a hillock row of blooming plums so attention getting that I drove through a 4 way stop just oggling them.

But the adventure started back in the Bay area with Natashca and I locating an asian market in Cuppertino and purchasing four BBQed ducks and bagloads of mochi and rice snacks. We then picked up Dona, touring her office at Apple and headed north, watching the amazing storm cloud show and the full moon rise just before sunset over Protrero Hill.

The party was a hit? with the forty odd guests of all ages.? Lise, our hostess was ceaseless in her spinning out handmade chinese dishes (won tons, rice salad wraps,? various glutens, shrimp corn cakes, etc) and her barback Dana keeping us well stocked with the two custom drinks of the night? – the Tiger Tail (similar to a Dark and Stormy) and the Great Walltini (elderflower and kampari martini) as well as many great bottles of local champagne the guests brought.? We had folks draw their chinese zodiac signs on nametags, and handed out “Chinese MisFortune Cookies” which when broken open offer such thoughts as “f*ck you” and “you will die alone and poorly dressed” (these can be ordered online for YOUR next asian theme party).? We also handed out blessings and lucky candy as guests departed under the full moon.? Overall a smashing success.? Dona took over 300 photos documenting the beauty of the weekend (“you will find this house is very photogenic” – Mick) and I will link that here once she gets em posted.