Rain all day, and wind, and clouds swirling up at our feet from the valleys below obscuring, allowing, long narrow views. Smack dab in the middle of orographic enhancement, total failure of raingear, wet to the bone, smiling big anyway at new plant friends, at a hedgehoggy popcorny mushroom and at the always sexy sinewy manzanita shining an even darker blood red in the wet.? Wind banging doors on the old relay shacks, finding another Chalk Peak 30 feet higher than the one I’ve known, point-to-point turned around in on itself and back up over the same rolling hogback ridges, back through the rain, up over the mountain, over dozens of newts winding their way up steep slopes as we walked down through the cathedral of young redwooded canyons. Dry clothes, warm truck, cold hand of a new friend.

chalk_peak (click for cool GIS map, route speed and elevation)