I am sitting on Feyner’s front steps drowsey in the sun. I am watching a handful of quail browse for lunch on the knoll. I am listening to a chorus of barn swallows and ducking under their acrobatic aeronautics.? I am watching two whales make their way north far below as the surf sounds whirr up the drop off scrub slope. How easy it is to make friends when you are delighted! When you are delighted and they are delighted and you are grinning at each other bumping along in the mule, chilled, through the creeked forest, he stopping and gathering a posey of yerba santa for you to smell, debating whether or not it was a ringtail cat we heard cackling at lunch, keeping an eye out for spotted owls, or condors (“its a good day for condors”), eyes mind heart skin ears open, open to everything.

Its the first time I’ve ever crashed a party and I picked a good one.? A volunteer trail day brought me to Big Creek late Friday eve and I arrived to the start of a weekend long Redwood Camp birthday party with fresh caught ahi steak dinners every night for friend of a friend Jered who was gracious enough to let me join. What I found was a group of smart heartfelt folks who were funny, kind and generous. Who I met were cute kids, sweet dogs, beautiful men and women who love and live on the land there.? What I got was a world class adventurous introduction to an amazing special spot and I am feeling the gratitude for it all.? More stories and pics here.? Experience it for yourself! Volunteer for UCSC’s Big Creek Research Reserve or attend their open house in early May of each year!