Chuck wanted to try out some new gear in prep for a Canyonlands trip so off we went, exploring the Hunting Hollow entrance to Henry Coe state park. He had 42 pounds (mostly water) in his pack and kept up with me all day on our 10 mile hike making me feel like a slow hiker (which I sorta am stopping as I do to look at everything).

We walked up to Wagon Road then up to Wilson Camp crossing down through Coon Hunters Hollow – evidence of BIG coyote everywhere on the road.? Explored the ramshackle but relatively recently occupied Wilson Camp houses (the kitchen door was open) and lunched on the back porch.

Refueled we headed SW along contour through the deep grass on Bowl Trail stopping after awhile for a sketch, a nap and a long talk about finding ourselves here in this most interesting of times – interesting for us anyway, this being our time, being the small flashes that we are the ever so grand scheme of things – and how many things there are to be appreciative of and challenged by both in our days. Lucky.

Lazily refreshed and heart filled we dropped back down to the canyon, stopped for a quick barefoot dip in the creek, then the car, Jamba Juice, a windy forested up and over Mt Maddona drive, and home.