June 2010

Breathing the Body Yoga Meditation Retreat

Tassajara Zen Center June 13-18, 2010

This place is a blessing.

Resilience-freedom-ease-elegance in challenge and intimacy.


“When you say ‘I breathe’ the ‘I’ is extra.” Suzuki Roshi.

Sound of chanting – sound of raking

– sound of creek dancing – sound of listening.

BODHISATVA TRAINING: “Formal Practice, Informal Mind” – Suzuki Roshi

and “What we are doing here is too important to be taken seriously.”

be curious.? allow yourself to be surprised

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Metta and gratitude to the Tassajara students and

Mark Stephens, Yoga

Linda Galijan, San Francisco Zen Center

Dumped rain and snowed at start, swimming at end, missing all of the Peanut Gallery except Kimmy the steadfast Tequila Liaison who ended up taking shots for all those missing [ Ellen stayed home for fear of getting sick but caught pnemonia anyway just THINKING of camping in the snow, Anna was jet lagged just back from Nepal, Myles stayed home with Chloe who had head lice, Andy had broken his wrist, etc etc, etc].

Jams were good, cocktail hour again epic, lots of lovely time with the Santa Barbara Crew and – as every year – surprising sweet healing and AH YES! its SUMMER! [More fun pics]

Reward for scramble out a thousand feet above Rancheria Falls

– La Conte Point, Hetch Hetchy Resevoir, Kolana Rock, and Hetch Hetchy Dome

Granite Scramble and look back over Tiltill Valley

One secret view spot – 5 falls – 2 painters – 0 other hikers for 2 hours

– Liberty Cap, Vernal and Nevada Falls, Illouette Falls, Glacier Point, Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls