? Mark Strand (b. 1934), Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet, essayist, and translator. Courtesy of The Fernwood Zen Centre.

Pico Blanco from Botcher’s Gap and back – October 30, 2010.

Twenty plus of us ages teens to 60s meandered down and up the Little Sur River valley, then off-trailed it up a steep ass hill, clambering along a knife edge ridge weaving between oak scrub branches toward a peak layered in clouds. Everything was saturated from the night’s rain, and the coolness of the fall settling in all the drainages.

As we rose, so did the clouds, revealing delicious nappish warm sunshiny vistas.

Perfect for all Hallow’s eve, we saw a tarantula and yuccas, as well as decadent fern and majestic redwoods – so many different ecotones on the hike!

Well worth the 15 miles and 5,000 feet of elevation gain we earned that day.? My pics here and Meetup’s pics here.