Four Lakes Loop of Long Canyon Trail, off trail hike to Lake Anna.

September 2010

Solo hike out of the foggy rainy summer into the warming weather of a sunshiny fall.

Trail to myself mostly, met Sage and Leif of the trail crew scouting next year’s projects around Siligo Meadows – shared a fire and drink with them the first night –

then no one ’til my hike out where I saw someone? – a strong hiker, two shoe sizes bigger then mine –

had come up the drainage while I was Anna, then two fellas pullin in late from the trailhead as I made my last few miles out.

Epic still warm full moon night weather.

Wonderful walk up Siligo Peak and around to visit the lakes.

Epic trip in many ways, also lonely.?? Big owl flyover midnight on Summit Lake.

Full set of pics here.