Both my folks are Scorpios. They were both born on November 2nd, two years apart.

For my dad’s birthday he and Kath came down and we feasted over at Zach and Mara’s house with Gus helping manage a tired Manu and Dona coming by and enchanting us all with her pregnant loveliness.

For mom’s celebration I headed to Stockton for the weekend.? We had a sunny summery Saturday, with lunch outdoors at House of Shaw cafe, then a breeze through a gallery of local artisans (her new scene), then home and off to the park with the kids wrestling soccering and monkey-barring.? Back to mom’s for dinner (menu recommendation by Charlie – Pesto Pah-stees) and birthday cake fun.

After chocolate cake and hot tubbing and right before leaving Charlie and Ben called us into the living room for “a meeting”. They had set up a circle of cushions and had a blanket covering a cushion in the middle as a little stage. Charlie (age 5) informed us they were conducting the survey and he was the Survey Master.
Ben directed who was to speak and we each took our turn standing on the center cushion, giving our responses. We also helped Charlie with sounding out the letters so he could write down the survey results on a piece of art paper and he is already awesome with his letters.

The survey question? “What changes do we want in the world?”; The Answers; J: More Equality (More Fair in Charlie’s notes), D: more Kindness (More Kind),? Auntie KK [that’s me]: for the world to not be going so fast (Slower), Ben: food (Good Food), Betty: (had to think a moment because Ben had spoken the answer she had been thinking of) everyone would feel safe (Safer). The notes were pretty much done, but D finally convinced Charlie to stand up on the cushion. He stood there for a few moments while she softly asked him again “what would you like to be different in the world Charlie?”;? A long quiet, finger pursed over he lips, looking thoughtfully and shyly away…then…. “More Love“, then he ran off to jump on the couch.

After they left (Diedra teary eyed about her wonderful kids) I played guitar while mom looked through her mail and we shared the evening in the den.? Later, out of the full blue sky day the rain and fall cold came in heavy.? Mom and I slept in late to the song on the metal window awnings, ate lunch, then drove through the rainbow liquid ambered streets to? photograph and sketch at her UOP art studio before I headed home.

Over the course of the week, I got my whole family fully, it felt like it was MY birthday.

Full pic here.