#44 Cook and eat wild mushrooms that I harvested

In reality I have done this already, with some lovely bluetts found by Donna Thomas and I on our around town walks.  I didn’t cross it off then, for I wanted to harvest some on my own, which I met yet do someday.  Erika Perloff and I were floating up Chalk Mountain Road in the clear sky day today and got a tubfull (this is only half) of some new finds:  candy cap mushrooms.  She was thinking of making muffins with them with a touch of maple syrup to enhance that savor they already have.  I dreamed of being able to make as tasty an ice cream out of them as Kendra at the Penny Ice Creamery did in November, but not being that talented I just did a quick saute in butter and salt so I could really experience their pecan-y sweetness.  Cinnamon colored, lovely and delicious.  Thank you forest floor fungi!