The letter starts …. “Its the first new moon of the lunar new year, a perfect time for sowing seeds…..”

(If you have received this letter, by post or by sea, please comment to contact me.? If you are everyone else…read on!)

In a world looking for their love on the internet, I turn instead to the real world and methods tried and true.? Messages in a bottle for instance, and the old fashioned post.

In case some of you have forgotten how those work, here is how it goes:

– Dream of your love to be for a very long time. Know in your bones what it will feel like when you finally meet them. Meditate about it perhaps, lighting a beautiful red candle every morning.

– Head down to the Felix Kulpa Gallery on a specific Valentines Day weekend and have someone from the talented Santa Cruz Writes Love Letters Project write you up a delicious sonnet, or craft a real type written letter as an ode to your love (or both!).

– Pen a cover letter summoning your love to come through time and space to find you.? Use special stationary (you know, the kind that invokes Ganesha, Hindu God, Remover of Obstacles, for instance) and a fancy pen. Include either a specific or energetic marker so they can find you. I chose this blog.

– One if by land:? Create an address that reflects your idea of good love. Use numbers special to you for a zip code. Spritz your special perfumes on there. Enclose other treasures.? Raid your roomie’s desk for a perfect stamp. Seal it with a kiss!

My Handsome Love, 1313 Forever Street, Joyfultown, NOW, 61369

– Mail!

– Two if by sea:? Clean a pretty bottle well that has a good fitting cork. Roll those letters up tight and squeeze through the neck.? Consider adding other items in but nothing that’s not ultimately biodegradable. Put cork in. Use wax from pretty red meditation candle to seal.

– Ideally, find someone to take you out on a boat to launch your message to the universe precisely as the sun is setting on an auspicious, beautiful, fantastic day (otherwise …. head to the wharf.)? In either case you might check the tide chart and consider whether the tide is going in, or going out, and whether you want your bottle to end up on the beach nearby or not).

– Anoint the waters with rose petals or other lovelies. Offer up a prayer of forgiveness for contributing to the marine debris problem. Toss in your message in a bottle with a kiss.? Enjoy sea lions playing with your rose petals and watch your message bob off on its journey.

– Return to your abode and daily life, now made a bit more magical with all the wonderment at where your messages are traveling in the universe ( and/or….check your blog obsessively to see if your love has indeed been located by your post and responded).

In shaa’Allah, Maktub

(SC Writes just posted their Love Letters project images, my letter writer and letter, and my sonnet writer and sonnet (and me).