I am all fired up. Just came back from seeing, no experiencing, Ani Difranco at our small local Rio Theatre. She was recovering from a sinus infection but nevertheless was able to fire up all 690 of us who came out on a school night for a shot of amen halleluja. Standing in front of her while she’s playing is being plugged into a solar power array at noon in the middle of a Death Valley summer. Damn she translates energy!

She gets more out of an acoustic guitar than anyone I’ve seen, and also calls it like it is and inspires action. Like RIGHT-NOW. I feel I could take on the world! Wish I could get her to come pep us up for our ecowarrior work at our Ecology Action staff meetings.

A surprising and sweet celebration for me was listening to her song “Marrow”:

where was your conscience?
where was your consciousness?
and where did you put all those letters
that you wrote to yourself
but could not address?

and realizing I am actually doing that right now. Paying attention. Addressing letters I’ve been writing to myself for years. Right nutrition for energy and awakeness. Powerful embodiment through exercise and yoga. Daily meditation practice. Manifesting a beautiful, edible garden. A 30 day backcountry hike planned with friends for this summer. Felt absolutely great for the realization I am taking care of myself and showing up to my dreams in a big actualized way.

What letters have you written to yourself, that have not addressed? Forget the fatigue and insecurity. Grab your guitar, plug in, and let your song carry you.