Despite operating on a low water budget, the Pinnacles Annual Wildflower Theatre had some magnificent acts its Spring 2012 season.

The breeze came through and blew the greypine needles into hushed uproarious song.
A ceanothus and bush poppy were wed, we left them limbs intertwined on a sunny knoll.
Willows all along Chalone Creek greening up chartrueuse, housed humming honey bees and a hidden Hermit thrush.
The bright washed pebbly banks were thick with laughing poppies, proud fiddlenecks, and royal lupin.
The wind lifted ceanothus’ skirts and tumbled her spring sweet scent down the meadowed hills.
A proud pair of red shouldered hawks minded their new nest treasures, tourists oblivious below
They couldn’t afford their star condor this weekend, but the quail ushered us along the trail anyway.
The ring necked doves startled at the slightest footfall from their oaktop balconies, feathers sailing down to the salvia below.
Bright western bluebirds momentarily lighted on red water mains as acorn woodpeckers announce the final act.
Shooting stars caught the last of the light and the cool blue dusk settled pretty over everything.
The true owl whoo whoo called the fat moon up over dark cutout of the ridge.
The only sound left; our wooded instruments and song.
The only color left; our warm faces around the fire.