Mike Sap accurately captured our sentiment about another successful Strawberry Music Festival weekend? which ended winter and started summer.? Camp Tequila Mockingbird experienced sunny meadow sunburns and Birch Lake swims on either side of two days of cold that threw in some fat snowflake and hail excitement for good measure.

[Iris and Snow]

Just like life, there were challenges (some of the weather, not enough time to do everything, and no one brought bacon) and triumphs (we did not run out of tequila, water, good food or fantastic jams, and the hammock repair withstood its first kid-test with flying colors).

This was the Strawberry where:

* Amee Chapman had her first main stage act! A ‘tweener on Friday afternoon mid hailstorm just before the zydeco band. (Shout out to Doug Dirt for putting on his best shirt and making that happen)

[Next year: A full act!]

* Harper led her first jam, singing and playing the ukelele! (Surfin’ USA and one other sweet song- anyone remember?)

[Harper with Bubo Strigidae, my special guest for the weekend]

* Stella enjoyed her first guitar jam performance on Gary’s knee, rolling on the momentum of her 3 for 3 unsullied record of attendance. ( Its her third consecutive festival: one in utero before her mom even knew, one at 4 months and this one at 16 months)

* Epic Saturday happy hour jam that went on for 5 hours. Great
musicians flowing in and out, just enough sun peeking through and
somehow full tequila bottles kept showing up.

[We always treat new guests extra special]

* We made lots of new connections culminating in a great four-camp jam in the toasty camp chandelier tent Sunday night (Santa Barbara, SF, Tequila Mockingbird and the Lost Dogs…)

[Doug teaching Amee some moves on the Mainstage Meadow]

* Between Ruthie Foster and Robert Earl Keen on the Mainstage Meadow, Stella took some of her first real walks between Dona and Gary, back and forth over and over, everyone delighted and laughing, lovely in the sunset light.

* I danced into a new connection and enjoyed a crazy delicious after hours New Orleans style street party of the California Honeydrops off their Cabin 102 porch into the wee hours with him.

* We missed many who stayed home for the weather and important graduations, especially Ellen, our President-cum-Camp Photographer. (We went significantly under-documented this trip without her).

So grateful for these many blessings, to be celebrated and to celebrate this amazing community we’ve grown together.

Until Fall Strawberry or other such gatherings…..

[Strawberry through the whiteout – heard Amee’s set from here!]