June 2012

Flush four barn owls into the late afternoon light. Read the history written in 1880s cabins. Drive up through the vineyards, past the reservoir, up into the oak woodlands. Park on a beautiful perch of a ridge with the impossibly green irrigated lands patterned, laid out over the valley below.

Take your time smiling, talking, and strolling down a sweet shoulder of the Ventanas until it opens up into a Santa Lucia highland meadow. Feed him gooseberries along the way. Be surprised by the perfect summer dinner he’s got waiting under a great oak tree. Watch the shadow of the earth pull up over the Gabilan range. Feel the last pink of the day blush the peaks at Pinnacles. Help each other ward off the chill of the canyon coming into evening. Hang on tight for a delicious one-seater ATV ride back up to the truck. Sail down past bakery-smelling buckeye stands and back into your own life, the night a fair bit sweeter than the one that came before.

It was a Make-A-Wish caliber birthday celebration, but no one dying at any faster rate than usual. Surrounded by my A-Team – immediate family, closest friends, and great work compatriots -? we garden potlucked then strolled down to L Dock for an amazing sunset sail on the O’Neill Sea Oddysea cat.? Thank you all for this happiness you have helped me find. So blessed.

Full set of photos (mostly many more sunset shots!) here.

Heather, with Sydney Morgan in the oven, had the same pack weight as I did meandering up Steep Ravine (magic!) and down the shoulder of Mt. Tam fueled by soft serve from the Stinson Cafe.

Overnight in lovely Inverness graciously hosted by Tom Killion and generously gifted with a print of his from a past backpack adventure.

Lazy morning sunning and chatting then after a Buzy Bee pit stop hiked the National Seashore up to Point Reyes Hill (Mount Vision) for a perfect weather afternoon lunch with a view. Wildharvested salmonberries, one thimbleberry, and the season’s first blackberries

Fairfax on the way home for Thai din and a Scoop. Din the next night with Pete and Stephanie. So many experiences and people to love in my rich days. A fantastic way to head into my birthday week.

Full pics here.