It seems as if I am in the early fall of my life; Harvest. Ripeness. Just on this older side of 40.

But it again could be winter, not knowing like any of us when this season of Kirsten will end.

Wherever it ends up being though, and cold enough out it is, it feels, inside.? like.?? spring.

Stole him away from harvest for a weekend stay over at Shell Beach, delux din at Ventana Grill in Pismo, and 80 degree play day in Avila.? Dreamy scenic dirt road drive home, windows down, signing at the top of our lungs and breathing in the trees of See Canyon. Cresting the ridge the sky opened into a wide vast blue. He stopped the truck in the middle of the blind corner one-lane road and put the flashers on. Smiling, coaxing me out to finally stand there in his arms – our hearts flying with the hawks through the big air over the canyon, over the roundy hills, out to sea.