No Capes. Just Courage.? is the fantastic tag line of the Superhero Journal blog, by Andrea Sher. She has a wonderful vlog on Celebrating 2012 Acknowledging Disappointments and Choosing your Word for 2013. Check it out.

In considering our past year honestly, in considering our dreams for 2013, in living fully every day really, we need courage. True seeing and big dreaming are scary. My wing-woman Dona has connected me with inspiring bloggers whose New Year posts were all about courage.? Its perfect timing as we bravely assess what’s passed, wipe the slate clean, and look ahead with big dream eyes.

The Thomases ponder Half Dome. JMT 2012

Micheal Hyatt shares in his post on Courage:

“Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the willingness to act in spite of my fear.

This is me midway through my first ever off-trail pass crossing on the Sierra High Route.

Jeff Goins, who writes on writing, shares this quote from Seth Godin in an email update:

“This’ll never work”

This is the phrase I think every time I’m about to attempt something great. Something risky. Something that requires courage. It is neither easy nor safe, and as a result, I’m nervous.

Failure is inevitable
Whatever it is, it’s time you got in the game. Time you stopped sitting on the sidelines, telling yourself, “Some day…” and finally put yourself out there.

Does this mean you won’t fail? Of course not. In fact, if you’re really taking risks, failure is an inevitability. But you still have to try. Because this isn’t just about you.

The world needs your gift, whatever it is, and your work deserves more than your excuses.
Until you act, we all miss out. So whether you believe in the dream or not, there’s a lot at stake here ? a lot more than your self-doubt and anxiety. And it all begins with you stepping out and saying (you guessed it):

“This’ll never work.”

Friends Peter and Donna Thomas downclimbing a Class 3 route on an off-trail segment that we weren’t sure would work on our 2012 JMT hike. It was the most exhilarating accomplishment of our trip.

Here’s to us each and every one being willing to put something out not quite polished, jumping in before we understand it all, daring to let someone be important to us, and just starting ourselves toward something great: expressing the unique being that is us. What we create. What work we do. Who and how we love.

In his email Jeff also asks us – “What’s your “this’ll never work” scenario? Is it a book you’ve never told anyone about? A dream you’ve not given yourself permission to pursue? That marathon you’ve thought of running but keep talking yourself out of?”

Fess up here and come clean for 2013 …. then we’ll be on the lookout for you doing it!