Life delivers itself, always.

Sometimes, as Lennon reminded us, Life is what Happens while you are busy making other plans.? Those times can be a shock or a surprise.? A delight, or disaster. They can be welcome or unwelcome.

The Life that has been Happening to me lately has cracked me open. Left me at various moments confused and clear. Feeling ungrounded and then well held by those who love me. It has left me heartfelt, and wise. So many feelings. So much learning. So much of the value of my life, taken for granted when I’m busy with plans, made visible, made felt. Was all of this wisdom and awareness there all along?? Where has it come from?? Can I loosen my grip in the discomfort of Life Happening long enough to feel the spaciousness this new landscape offers? Can I simply be curious about who in all of this I really am? Can, as I am falling, just relax and dive, trusting, into whatever comes next?

Here’s the invitation that just landed on my doorstep:

Who Are You….Really? – aka Gangaji