I rode home tonight late, the last light marking the curve of the levee. Crickets and angels trumpet celebrated the end of the bitter cold. The color was poignant looking back west; there is no time of day that is bluer than dusk on the river.

Arriving home I went right upstairs to visit my new/old quilt.? I have long longed for one, and felt the time was right when I met this one at the Blue Goose antique store in Benicia where we stopped en route to Healdsburg. This one has faded soft colors, sweet hand stitching and more than a few squares that are worn through in need of repair.

Last night, and again today, I sat with it looking and looking, running my fingers along the frayed edges.? My worrying fingers wondering what stories it holds: first kisses and tooth fairy visits, fiery fights and long cold hearted nights, sweet lovemaking and milk-drunk baby cuddling, death and marriage, friends visiting from afar, toddlers testing the bed springs and the light slanting in through the paned windows different each season.? What homes has it lived in? Where has it traveled? Who made it and whose old dresses and curtains and sheets has it carried forward through the decades? Who passed it down to who? Who cherished it along the way?

Last night I started to add my stories to it and am in love already.

It was a sweet weekend in Healdsburg: Art galleries, jewelry and fabric, amazing eats in great company (Mick, Lise, Kath, Kel) at the Flying Goat, Woodhouse Chocolates, Barndiva and The Cheese Shop (of course). Canopied king bed at the Irish Rose Inn with a bathroom and spa tub bigger than a New York apartment. Morning run over the rusty Lambert Bridge trestle, and later a rambling Sunday drive along West Dry Creek Road amidst ancient head prunes just budding out. Visits to old vines and old friends. Greenly field gray sky showery drives through Alexander Valley and home. They had some hard winter weeks this year and the lilacs are glorious.? The innkeeper sent me home with a bunch that are perfuming my whole place.

A few pics from the trip are here.