Warm weather, longer days and I’ve been out playing too much to blog!? Two weeks ago I enjoyed a lovely wonderful fantastic gratitude inducing laughter filled event……. SPRINGBERRY – Because May is just too far away!

I gathered 50 of the usual Camp Tequila Mockingbird suspects together, this time at the Green Oaks Farm for a weekend of camping, music, wiffle ball and wildlife.? As camp organizer, I was the first one there and got to watch the farmhands pull the stuck porta potty truck out of the meadow with a teeny tractor.

I then set up camp overlooking the wooded hillside and farm. Time for a nap!

I awoke to the squealy sounds of 4 new baby pigs arriving on the farm. They also had two goats and a box of baby chicks in the greenhouse to keep kids of all ages entertained, especially when the pigs escaped the electric wire fence in the night and headed for the new raspberry plants.

As the evening approached, the crew arrived. We feasted on a BBQ potluck, including a chicken stew coal-cooked in Dave’s jealousy-inducing 16″ Dutch oven tucked into the fire.? Music of course, and a sweet jam ended the evening in the event barn.

Day 2 was Friday and before the rest of the crew arrived I hiked up Chalk Mountain bushwhacking up an overgrown trail – the last of the 4 mapped routes up there I’ve now hiked. Checked out the view to Ano Nuevo from the best picnic table spot ever and texted a few folks last minute logistics (you have to work hard for cell service on the coast!)

Friday afternoon was a rare bout of sunshine and badmitton with beer in hand.? Friday evening was homemade Italian feastiness and an unexpected visit from Dona and the Bean (who proceeded without prompting to figure out how to feed her zipper in all by herself!).

S’Mores, tequila, light up hoolahoops and glow sticks saw the sun down and we headed into the barn for late night music.? The almost-teens led their first camp jams while their proud parents tried to keep from grinning uncooly while they did.

We’re all lined up for Spring Strawb now, which itself has a great lineup this year. The festival gates open in? 32 days 10 hours 52 minutes and 4 seconds………