The thousands of Color Runners probably did not know this Happiest 5K is very likely based on the Hindu Holi Festival.? If you had to guess what the Holi festival celebrates with its tossing of colors, you’d likely guess the return of Spring, and you would be right.? Well, mostly right (it is the Hindu Pantheon after all, so its more complicated that that), but definitely return of spring and goodness are key elements.

We ran it in May starting at the Shark Tank in San Jose and it was indeed Happy and Fun – Holly and her daughter Sarah, Aleah, Anna and I. Afterwards we pigged out and beered up at Gordon Beirsch and took the bus home.? My first several miler since starting PT and I could feel the difference.? I really would love to take the nephews on this crazy fun run, but the next one nearby is in Sacramento in August, which doesn’t sound so fun. Stay tuned to where we’ll show up next all rainbowed out.