Year’s half way over people and it looks like I have not done shit when in fact its been 6 months of rich and challenging and beautiful and big love.? Here’s a quick one-shot rundown of some of the best moments:

Put my journal for the year together on a fun art night with Kyrrha and Lynn.

Updated my online profile with this photo Dona caught at Erin’s MFCC graduation.

Spent an awesome week with at the Low’s farm while Bonnie recouped from neck surgery and I taught her to knit so she wouldn’t go crazy sitting around.

Visited the largest herdshare in California in Cottonwood to pick up their bottles and drank delicious raw milk all week.

Hoed rows and fed farm animals and got a little love back in return.

Moved Natascha into her new place with Zachiah (which thank goodness is less than? half mile away). Our 8 years together were the longest she’d lived anywhere in her adult life and it felt like I’d lost a limb her moving out.

Tag teamed with my bros to support my mom through a surgery and rehab. She was a champ!

Hiked the Venatanas with Saskia as spring sprung.

Found a great new roomate Lynn and hung prayer flags with her outside my place.

and then proceeded to add two more roommates – rescued brother Mackerel tabbies Benny and Che.

Got invited to Assembly’s soft opening, rubbed shoulders with who’s whos and dined grandly with Jen.

Spent time with my boy Syd and the DeQuincy’s before my last tattoo appointments.

Sent my brother and his wife away for the weekend so me and the blondies could party down in the Cruz.

Got the Bean to myself a whole evening and took her out to sushi.

Meditated with Pema Chodron and the Sakyong in Richmond. Threw open wide the big doors? there so the year of the horse could come racing through.

Yoga meditated with Rosanne and Talya at Green Gulch Farm after a great dinner evening in SF with Tracy and Richard the night before.

Rocked out at the Shark Tank with pops, Kath, Jen, Dona and Gary in great seats at the Sting Paul Simon show.

First backpack trip of the year at the Point Reyes National Seashore with Saskia and Jen.

Camp Tequila Mockingbird alt-Strawberry Memorial Day at Camp Loma. Spent all night Sunday round the fire on the snare with the wire brushes singing my heart out.

Badminton, creek swimming and a visit from Lise and Natascha for our Italian potluck feast on our last night there.