Hi! I am blessed to live in lovely Santa Cruz and can right now hear the waves breaking on the beach from my cozy living room.? Just danced over the 43 year mark surrounded by amazing friends and family on a Make-A-Wish caliber birthday sunset catamaran cruise off my coast.

Birds visit my yard and I tolerate a messy deck in order to tempt them in with feeders. I am re-connecting with music and training clumsy fingers to pick out a tune on the guitar. I am arting and working and friending and biking everywhere I can. I love my brothers and their families, my dad and his wife at their winery, my mom in her lovely home in the UOP university district. I was blessed to be at the birth of my wing-woman Dona’s baby girl Stella and am loving watching her grow.

My roomie and I play with poetry, parties, and friendly feasts.? I farmer’s market and yoga and walk and particularly enjoy the combination of backpacks and big mountains when there is a fabulously still high lake at the end of the trip.

About my work:? My inspiration comes from a strong commitment to bring different segments of the community together to improve our quality of life. A University of California at Santa Cruz Environmental Studies grad (1991, Go Slugs!), I was so very fortunate to be invited to join the Ecology Action family in 1999 and now serve on the executive team developing new programs and supporting project managers in their delivery of excellent community service and meaningful project outcomes to improve our relationship to the natural environment and our community’s resiliency.