Continuing on to play with Pam……

22??? candles lit
12??? each night imploring
08??? return of light

posted 23-12-08

Every day
The vast sea every
Day the sky

Half pumpkin floating
Belly up in the river
Spinning duck buffet

Hawk shape
In tree, an arrow
A tear

posted 25-12-08

tip tops of
stormsurf waves backlit
light laughter

foam flows down
storm strewn beach
we walk among clouds

posted 1-1-09

stars coming
out over a landscape
of scattered clouds

sun hits frost
morning steams itself

raven banks
for a moment is
the sun
over the vineyard

sitting there
eyes closed I am the field
and the wind

my God-chakra
like a rainstick

after the rain
naked yoga in a meadow
diamonds everywhere

sliver moon in acres of dayblue sky

new year’s day
fields of mustard

moonless night
wet road light
with starshine

posted 4-1-09

in late winter pasture
those horses

posted 7-1-09

moonbeams in skylight
dressed like a movie set
my bedroom

posted 8-1-09?? warm wind tonight moves the deep chimes

seatide sneaks
up the river
nightwind pushes it back

posted 14-1-09

friend miles away
narcissus she left
today blooms

posted 1-2-09

sage advice
wash your windows yearly
after first rain

posted 11-2-09

safe landing
now we are under the
moonlit clouds

even in los angeles
hugging clouds close
rise up snowy mountains

posted 2-16-09

I want to be in the high country today

The light comes.
You can lay your eye
on the broadening valley
the haloed horses, the fence
becoming themselves, real and large
out of the dark night

posted even later that same night and getting punchy

left at the cafe
rain turns blue

swings us into
the sweetest waltz

thumb warmers?
small bags for rocks? no!
baby socks!

posted 25 February 2009

no dessert tonight
just the smell of the passing
plum blossoms blooming

storm passes
against fresh blue skies
jet black crow

posted 11 March 2009

banging in
my bike basket five
poem books

who would not walk out
into this night of quiet moon
and expectation?

long way home
on a school night to see
the moony sea

on a dark
wizened almond branch
spring blossom

stopped, then started again to play with Jenn (Pam comes out of retirement:)

Posted 27 June 2009

raucous oak
harbors a murder
of dark crows

the chores left undone
still pink dusk

bow of bikini
at neck, gauzy sundress, walks
dirt road to river

Sabbatical – month one? – August 09

quick shadow
in the shape of a
chipmunk leaps

the sky is
the color of this

bald eagle
takes the short way
down the drainage

pervasive silence
then fish breaks
lake’s mirror

nothing sexier
than a man’s big hands
spreading out on the hood of his truck
a backcountry map

01? dusky river’s the color of summer’s last roses
10? moon floating there
09? a petalfull of snow